Are you ready to purchase your new home? Or have you assigned a builder with the dream design for your dream home construction? Home is a major financial investment and is a life-changing event. Hence, buying the right type of home is a major necessity. However, how would you know whether the construction is sturdy, reliable, and of good quality.

For this new build, assessments in Lincolnshire are an effective practice. New build assessments will help you get a fair idea of the existing problems in the buildings. This will help you understand whether anything needs to be fixed with your newly built.

Things to Check During New Build Assessments

Check the Soil and Foundation Quality

The firmness of the building depends on the quality, thickness and quality of the soil on which the construction has been completed. Hence, during a new build assessment, the team checks the quality of the soil. They ensure the soil is sandy, loamy, and chalky to form a strong base and help with proper drainage. If clay-based soil is detected beneath the building, then the same needs to be fixed before construction. Clay will get dry and harm the foundation of the building.

Verify the Design and Structure of the Building

The second most important thing that the team is going to check is the design and structure of the building. They will evaluate whether the building is resistant to earthquakes. They will check the placement of beams, roofs and columns on the building structure. Also, the team will check the building’s emergency exit and entry points.

Examine the Fittings and Fixtures of the Building

In a new build, every fitting and fixture is new. Hence, during the assessment, they will also check the condition of the showers, sinks, taps, lights, electrical connections and air conditioning. Fitting and fixtures play a major role in a newly built home; hence, inspecting them is essential.

Check the Wall Plaster and Paint Quality

Finally, the quality of paint and plaster is also checked during the assessment. The team will check the layers and finishing of plaster on the walls. They will fix the cracks and leaks before applying paint on the same. Moreover, the team will also check the quality of the paint applied to the walls. If cheap paint is applied, it will damage the aesthetics of the interiors.

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