Preparing a checklist for snagging surveys is popular among homeowners attempting to buy new builds. Snagging is a typical property survey highlighting the snags or issues with the building. The property buyer gets a complete list of these snags and improves them to finally shift to the house.

More About Property Snagging:

Generally, a new home snagging service is performed by a chartered surveyor. They are professionals in this field who can help find minor or cosmetic issues before moving in. It is highly helpful if you plan to move to a newly constructed property. An existing property tends to have more complex problems, for which snagging is not helpful in such accommodations.

Vital Areas to Include in New Home Snagging:

No matter when or by whom you perform the snagging service, certain areas in your home should be thoroughly checked. We compile a list of these properties in the following section.

  • Roof: Ensure that the chartered surveyor checks the structural materials of the roof. They should specifically highlight the positions of the roofing tiles. Look out for broken or loose tiles on the roof, and try replacing them as soon as you spot them. The roof is one of the most vital areas of your home, which should be added as a priority for snagging.
  • Driveway: It is a structural feature that is resonant with modern constructions. As the homeowner, you would want to determine if the driveway is actually suitable for your vehicle. Ensure that your car’s wheels do not damage the ground beneath the driveway. You might also want to know how easy it is to access the house from the driveway and vice versa.
  • Stairs: No matter the number of floors your property has, they would definitely have stairs. To ensure safe access to the stairs, it is important to perform a snagging survey. Ask the surveyors to test the stairs and see if they are even and strong enough to carry human weight. They will make a note if the stairs start creaking when someone steps on them.

As you can see, these are the areas of high priority that you must add to your snagging list. To ensure you enter a well-built home, you must collaborate with the professionals for a new home snag service. Get in touch with New Build Independent Snagging, a certified service provider in this field. Here, you can get an expert’s opinion and determine the safety and quality of construction of your newly built home.